How to apply for a place

Starting secondary school can be a daunting time for many, so we place great emphasis on ensuring the transition from primary to secondary education is as smooth as possible.

Our Year 7 students follow our unique curriculum, designed to gradually familiarise new students with our environment, while building on the best aspects of primary education. At The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy our aim is to provide students with a confident start to secondary education as they begin their journey as independent learners.

This approach helps make the step up much easier, and helps create confident, motivated young students. Year 6 pupils are welcome to visit us at any time, and we regularly welcome local primary pupils to the academy for a variety of activities.

The process is as follows:

  • Your initial contact will result in a meeting or a tour of the academy
  • This will be followed by an administrative meeting and issuing of forms
  • This will be followed by a third meeting to receive completed forms – at this stage the year leader will be involved to confirm a start date and induction

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Our admissions policy

To find out more about academy admissions within Buckinghamshire please visit the Buckinghamshire County Council website by clicking here.

Applying for a place and in-year admissions

To apply for a place at The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy or to book a tour please contact:

Miss Danielle Whelan
Assistant Headteacher
01628 662107

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