Academy closure

The trust has had confirmation that the Secretary of State has given a substantive decision to proceed to closure of Burnham Park E-ACT Academy.

This is a sad time for us all, however we would like to reassure academy parents and students that they will have our close support over the coming months and during the transition to Bourne End E-ACT Academy.

The option to transfer to Bourne End E-Act Academy

There are currently 118 Burnham Park students in years 7-10 who will be given the option to transfer to Bourne End E-ACT Academy in September 2019.

It is also our aim to move every member of staff from Burnham Park to Bourne End. This means that the number of students per teacher at Bourne End will fall to 11, the best of any mainstream secondary school in both Buckinghamshire and Wycombe.

Listening period

Given the Secretary of State’s decision, we now enter a fourweek listening period starting from today and ending Friday 12 July 2019.

You can download our listening period statement by clicking on the link below:

Listening period information

Send us your comments to

The trust’s response to public consultation

You can download the trust’s response to public consultation on the future of Burnham Park E-ACT Academy by clicking the link below:

Formal response to public consultation

The document contains an overview of the responses received and the trust’s reassurances in relation to any concerns highlighted to us. 

Transferring to Bourne End E-ACT Academy

We know that parents are likely to have practical questions about a possible transfer to Bourne End E-ACT Academy.

With this in mind, we have collated the most common questions that we have been asked about the transfer in recent months.

Parents’ questions answered

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