Student leadership

Whether it’s by taking key academy decisions as an academy councillor or by helping younger students to grow in confidence through peer mentoring, we offer our students many opportunities to stand up and lead from the front.

  • Academy ambassadors: students can represent the academy at open events or as tour guides for prospective parents.
  • Student Council: an opportunity for students to be involved in the planning of exciting academy-wide initiatives.
  • Sixth form leadership team: reporting to the senior leadership team and headteacher, the sixth form leadership team work together to improve academy life for all students.
  • Student interview panel: we form student interview panels to ensure that students can have their say when we hire new staff.
  • Prefects: our sixth form students carry out important duties around the academy during lunch and break time.
  • Peer mentors: an opportunity for our sixth form students help younger students through mentoring.

Head Boy – Salem Mohammed

Head Girl – Belen Okpighe

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