Our vision is to improve outcomes of learners at The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy by using Physical Education to:

  • Establish a culture of achievement within PE and Sport
  • Maintain a safe, progressive and challenging learning environment
  • Raise standards, expectations and attainment in PE and Sport
  • Deliver an innovative PE curriculum taught by inspirational professionals
  • Develop confident, independent and inquiring learners
  • Celebrate and share sporting success across the Academy and the local community

Whether as a keen sportsperson, a recreational player or someone just wanting to have fun staying fit, PE and sport provide undoubted educational benefits and wellbeing. I believe that there is a sport and physical activity to suit everyone and participation and enjoying the experience should be at the heart of physical education. Alongside a range of innovative curriculum activities we strive to provide opportunities for teams to enter as many league-based competitions as possible and opportunities for students to take part in tournaments and tours to help develop students’ sporting prowess and create a sense of excitement around sport. PE is fantastic vehicle for character education as the nature of PE lends itself to the development of respect, independence and collaboration. It is also an opportunity to invest time, care and energy to develop confidence and self-esteem which has proved essential in raising aspirations, expectations and subsequent attainment.

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