We take this opportunity to address some of the questions and concerns that we have heard from academy parents, carers and community members.

What will happen to the site if Burnham Park E-ACT Academy is closed?

As the site is owned by Buckinghamshire County Council, its future use would be determined by the council should the academy be closed following consultation.

What will happen after public consultation closes?

Once we have reviewed your feedback, we will release a post-consultation report which will include our response to public feedback as well as an outline of our final proposals. The final decision on academy closure will be made by the regional schools commissioner and the Secretary of State.

How has E-ACT supported Burnham Park E-ACT Academy over the years?

The academy has received significant educational and operational support from the trust since it joined E-ACT in April 2012.

In 2011, just 35% of pupils achieved A*-C grades in English and mathematics. In 2012, the year the academy joined E-ACT, 50% of pupils achieved A*-C grades in English and mathematics.

In their latest monitoring inspection report, Ofsted have acknowledged that:

  • The headteacher has systematically and determinedly made changes that are leading to big improvements at the academy.
  • Pupils are continuing to benefit from curriculum changes.
  • The academy is benefiting from support provided by the trust’s system leaders.

Why isn’t E-ACT passing the academy onto another trust?

Any trust or local authority would unfortunately face similar issues. Running a school with such small numbers would bring about financial difficulty for any educational organisation.

I am hearing that local schools will not accept Burnham Park pupils should the academy close?

Schools in the state sector cannot turn pupils away if they have places available. Buckinghamshire County Council as the admissions authority will support parents and carers through the application process.

I would like more information on Buckinghamshire’s admissions process

Buckinghamshire County Council have provided the following advice:

For Year 7 entry pupils, your home authority is responsible for finding you a school place. If you live in Buckinghamshire, the Admissions and Transport Team can be contacted via our contact us form. If you live in Slough, their contact email is admissionshelpline@slough.gov.uk.

The September 2019 school place allocation will be public on 1 March, and as this is before the outcome of the consultation is known, we will process the allocation as normal. Once the outcome of the consultation is clear we will write to the parents of any affected child with more information. In the event of the Secretary of State making the final decision to close the academy, we will explain how to express new preferences.

If your child is currently in Years 7-11 at Burnham Park E-ACT Academy, and you want to explore options other than that being proposed within the consultation document, then you should contact the academy (if they manage their own late admissions) or your home local authority.

The website of the local authority in which each school is located should explain the process of applying to schools in the area and which schools you can apply direct to. Click here for Buckinghamshire.

Parents of children with education, health and care plans may wish to discuss the situation with the special educational needs team in their home area.

What will happen to those children who are projected to need secondary places in the future?

Buckinghamshire County Council as the admissions authority will support those pupils to find places at local secondary schools.

What are your plans for the most vulnerable pupils if the academy is closed?

Our most vulnerable pupils and their families would be closely supported by academy and regional staff, alongside Buckinghamshire County Council as the admissions authority.

What’s the point of consultation if you have already decided to close the academy?

No final decisions have yet been made. Whilst we must consider closure to be a very realistic possibility, the final decision lies with the Department for Education.

Consultation is your opportunity to tell us if you feel we’re missing anything or if we haven’t given a particular issue enough thought.

What will happen to Mr Hughes if Burnham Park E-ACT Academy formally closes?

If the academy is formally closed, we would like to keep Mr Hughes within the trust.

How can I find out more about Bourne End E-ACT Academy?

Bourne End E-ACT Academy is on the up having joined the trust in September 2018. Pupils have this year achieved their best-ever A Level results by a significant margin and the academy has experienced strong improvement in its GCSE results.

Parents and carers will be invited to open evenings over the coming months, the details of which will be sent to them in the coming weeks.

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